Bead Fever

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Welcome to the Bead Fever web site!

The title comes from the sudden enthusiasm for beading I got afire with after a close friend of mine (I'll introduce her to you on my "Makers" page) had shown me some of her works. So it all began...

Now I realize that what happened to me is not just a single case: the bead fever has already reached epidemic proportions rapidly spreading all over the world. If you don't believe me, visit the page "Links" where I have brought forward some proof.

 My observations show that the bead fever symptoms often include the following: bulk buying of  beads of every possible color and size, necessary and unnecessary beading accessories, intensive reading of reference literature, browsing beading related websites and, the most essential, frequent spasms of creativity. The consequences depend on the disease progress and are hard to foretell: the page "Photos" will give you some examples of what may happen.

If you would like to make a comment or share your own experiences of being infected with the bead fever please visit the page "Contact" where you will find out different ways to get in touch with me.

In conclusion I would like to say that the bead fever, though very contagious, is not such a bad thing after all and I sincerely hope you will enjoy exploring my web site!

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